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Malware Analysis

Why Malware Analysis?

Now we like to do analysis fast and detailed. So how do we achieve it? Our analysts have anti-virus industry experience and are well acquainted with the industry specific analyses and workflow processes.
In addition you get the following in the final deliverables:

Structured approach to malware reporting abstract, static + dynamic analysis, mitigation measures, conclusion and appendix of related logs and context specific information.

Static analysis includes unpacked code, detailed range of encrypted data and the memory ranges used during the unpacking/decryption process, the final payload in memory, the stack and memory dumps of the process, relevant API calls and their calling address and arguments, strings analysis, unreachable code analysis, anti-debug/ disassembly/VM analysis, threads analysis, memory dumping and malware PE rebuilding.

Dynamic analysis includes detailed and filtered logs of API usage, filesystem interaction, registry usage, networking activities and API’s used. In this phase we get the payloads, .pcap files for packet analysis.

Memory Forensics includes any hooking or rootkit related information, along with hidden processes and services as well as malicious injected threads, or hollowed processes. In general a complete memory related profile that fits the bill.

Packet analysis for malware analysis includes the detailed description of the packets captured during the analysis sessions. You get the protocol information and idea of the network stack along with DNS queries and IP addresses, as well as any binary data exchanged.

Effective Time

Place a quote, after confirming order plan team will follow up test on same day

Enhanced Security

We are updated with recent threats and previous threats to protect you.

Manual Test

We are much focused on working manual findings to make an effective analysis.

Great Support

Support will be in contact 24/7 for any kind of notification.