Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Why Perform Mobile App Penetration Testing?

Mobile apps handle sensitive user data and access critical systems, making them high-value targets for hackers. Penetration testing proactively uncovers vulnerabilities in your mobile apps before attackers can discover and exploit them for data breaches, financial fraud, ransomware attacks, intellectual property theft, and reputation damage. Regular mobile app penetration tests supplement static and dynamic analysis to provide in-depth validation of your mobile security posture.

Our Mobile App Penetration Testing Methodology

Our certified mobile app security experts adhere to a comprehensive testing methodology spanning reconnaissance, analysis, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, reporting, and retesting:


We thoroughly analyze the mobile app package (APK/IPA) without executing code. This includes reviewing manifest files, decompiling/disassembling binaries, mapping components and control flows, identifying data storage, decoding communications etc.

Dynamic Analysis

We execute the app in emulators and real devices, intercepting communications between app components. We analyze authentication, encryption, client-side validations, session logic, data caching/storage etc.

Vulnerability Scanning

Combining automated scanning tools with manual testing, we discover injection flaws, insecure data storage, weak cryptography, binary protections bypass, code tampering/modification, lack of transport layer protections etc.


We develop custom proof-of-concept exploits to penetrate the app via found vulnerabilities, demonstrating realistic attack scenarios like data theft, code tampering, bypassing client-side protections etc.


Our deliverable is an in-depth report including remediation guidance ranked by severity. We provide evidence of flaws through video and screenshot PoCs along with code snippets.


We revalidate vulnerability fixes through a final round of scanning to confirm the improved security posture as per industry standards.

Why SecurityWall?

At SecurityWall, we take pride in our well-accredited certifications, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Our team holds industry-recognized certifications. These certifications validate our skills and knowledge, assuring you that you are partnering with highly qualified professionals.