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Vulnerability & Bug Fixing

Why Vulnerability & Bug Fixing??

After full testing of the target the listed vulnerabilities need to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Scope of Application

The initial step of infiltration testing is to characterize the underlying extent of testing. It is characterized by the way of the testing as the entrance testing is further separated in two sub classifications.

Black Box Testing
White Box Testing

Once our team is confirmed with the testing enviroment our team will further look for information about Target !

Scanning and Analysis

After inforamtion gathering, Next Step will be looking for vulnerabilities in application, which is mostly based on deep manual scenario's

System Escalation

After deep scanning we will step into exploitation of the vulnerabilites, or we will know how this can effect you or your application users. Purpose is to know the system ability of handling attacks.

Final Report

Final Report is main part of whole Pentesting, we will a detail report based on POC's (Proof of Concept) of bug and vulnerabilities our team found during pentesting

Why SecurityWall?

SecurityWall is team of young security professionals who have worked and contributed to reputed organizations globally known. Our team understand the need of quality cyber security solutions and we are here for providing advanced security options to safeguard your digital assets.

How we can Help?

SecurityWall solutions will help you to in securing your financial assests and building trust over customers, which will directly increase your revenue for the company.

Cyber Security is most important part of any busines now, We Maintain customer loyalties and save the corporate image. Customer retention costs can prove to be really expensive for an organization and regular testing can avoid such losses for the company.

Effective Time

Place a quote, after confirming order plan team will follow up test on same day

Enhanced Security

We are updated with recent threats and previous threats to protect you.

Manual Test

We are much focused on working manual findings to make an effective analysis.

Great Support

Support will be in contact 24/7 for any kind of notification.